ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITA: the fascinating heart of Marmomacc 2014

July 2, 2014. ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITA, inspired by the famous landmark in Verona, Italy, is an amazing structure: a stage setting that will be the heart of the 49th edition of MARMOMACC, which has doubled this year being combined with Abitare il Tempo (the Design Show).

Conceived by architect Giorgio Canale, and brought to you by Santa Margherita - The Original Italian Surface, the ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITA will host many important meetings and events with a focus on stone design and architecture organized by Marmomacc. The traditional meeting room will be transformed into a creative and futuristic exhibit design, where people will meet and exchange ideas.

A temporary, flexible, enveloping and modular architecture, ARENA_SANTAMARGHERITA will unmistakably characterize Hall 1, the area that will host “Inside Marmomacc”, the forum dedicated to the exploration and experimentation in stone design. It will be both a stage and an example of stylistic and structural innovation. This installation will be a multifunctional structure that can fit into different locations due to its flexibility and fast set-up time.

The project is supported by Verona City Council, Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Verona (The Province of Verona Architectural Chapter) and the Society of British and International Design.

The interior will host a lounge, ready to become an informal conference or seminar room thanks to the collaboration with two prestigious Made in Italy brands and their original creations: Maistri and Baxter.




Verona, September 24/27, 2014