So many novelties for Santamargherita in 2018!

The company’s pièce di resistance, the Metropolis family, gets four new colours. Oyster, Copper, Galaxy and Steel take shape and their rightful place in this special line: a unique, unrepeatable, irregular surface, rich in small depressions and ripples. A high quality, strong and resistant countertop with a soft touch surface.

The Metropolis line is not the only one to be expanded. The basic marble line group – Palladio - gets a new star: Palladio Laguna maintains the distinctive rounded stone look, but stands out for an eccentric green nuance, perfectly symbolizing the oxymoron of modern classicism. SM Marble line expands in the micro-grain section, too: classic colours along side original new proposals characterising 2018, rich in important novelties.

Once again, the excellent quality of our products and made in Italy style become one with extraordinary materials.