COMMERCIAL FLOORING. Santamargherita can meet any commercial request for high traffic and frequent use flooring needs. Available in customized sizes, colors and dimensions, the design possibilities are endless. Airports, shopping malls, and hotels all over the world now proudly boast Santamargherita flooring.


FLOORING & CLADDING FOR STORES AND OFFICES. Large size modules, customized finishes and a wide range of colors and textures are just some of the features that make SANTAMARGHERITA engineered stone tiles the ideal solution for high profile flooring projects such as boutiques, showrooms and corporate headquarters.

BACKLIT WALLS. SANTAMARGHERITA offers designers a unique semi-transparent surface that combines the natural transparency of some marbles and quartz with the strength of engineered stone. It makes a stunning statement for backlit walls and spectacular flooring applications.

VENTILATED FACADES. Retaining the technical characteristics of the raw material used for the production of both marble and quartz engineered stones, SANTAMARGHERITA offers state of the art materials for ventilated facades. The stone and its aging process enhances the great value of architectural masterpieces.

CLADDING, WAINSCOT & BOISERIE. SANTAMARGHERITA engineered stone is a great alternative for wall cladding, wainscot and boiserie. The 120” slab length offers new innovative options to architects and designers alike.

RESIDENTIAL FLOORING. Our homes are a reflection of our personalities and tastes. SANTAMARGHERITA is the perfect choice to interpret our unique preferences. Homeowners and designers alike can choose between simple and essential collections, featuring neutral and elegant shades or more innovative and exclusive collections with alluring and prized finishes. Highly versatile, SANTAMARGHERITA materials are an ideal match or an elegant contrast with other engineered stone surfaces used in the project, such as stairs, treads, thresholds and window sills.


KITCHEN COUNTERTOPS. Easy maintenance, high resistance to staining and scratching, affordable, certified and safe: SANTAMARGHERITA quartz based engineered stone is the solution for kitchen countertops in both residential and commercial applications. Bowls and sinks in quartz are available as special order, too.

VANITY TOPS. SANTAMARGHERITA engineered stone for bathroom vanity tops makes an elegant statement. Shower pans, shower walls, and tub surrounds also fit the design whether it be consistency in color or contrasting hues as the aspiration.

FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS. SANTAMARGHERITA is not only for flooring and cladding: engineered stone is suitable for table tops, countertops, benches and other cut to size pieces. Designers love the freedom to express themselves without limits with both the marble and quartz based engineered stones.

CUSTOM PROJECTS. Architects and designers are free to create interiors that are unique and unforgettable with a wide and comprehensive product range available, made of different materials, colors and finishes. SANTAMARGHERITA can offer project assistance with custom products allowing the designer to play with dimensions, shades and textures for an exclusive residential showcase or a distinctive commercial project.