Located 23 km east of Singapore's city centre, Changi Airport is one of the world’s most modern and comfortable airports. Designed to welcome thousands of visitors every day, it offers travellers a variety of shops, a fitness centre, a supermarket, a clinic, a business centre and a hotel. But you will also find a waterfall, a swimming pool, free movie theatres for transit passengers, an exotic fish pond, a butterfly garden and a beautiful orchid garden. Quite original for an airport!

Moreover, a touch of originality is given by the fine materials chosen for the flooring, which are also suited to withstand the stress factors associated with such a bustling transportation hub. For this reason, when construction of the new terminal 4 began in 2013, the architects and developers in charge of the project chose Santamargherita’s products: Black Royal, Napoleon Brown, Perlato Royal and several custom colours were picked for the flooring to create a rather distinctive pattern. The petals of an orchid were the inspiration for the design of the terminal, with a 300-metre long Central Galleria that serves as an open space leading to the various areas of the airport.

Santamargherita’s materials met the requirements of the designers, with a specific floor installation featuring patterns resembling the petals of this delicate flower, which helps lighten the environment with an interplay of light and reflections. In fact, the polishing of this material plays an essential part, thanks also to the effects of the lights, in creating a truly special atmosphere. The polishing and special waterjet cut applied to the marble agglomerate base were the key elements for the success of this unique creation that is now the symbol of the new airport terminal.

The construction of Terminal 4 began in November 2013 and its official inauguration took place in October 2017. Changi Airport, managed by the Changi Airport Group (CAG), is the sixth busiest airport in Asia, serving more than 100 airlines flying to approximately 380 cities in 90 countries and territories worldwide. Each week, about 7,000 flights land or depart from Changi, with more than 58.7 million passengers passing through the airport every year.

Santamargherita is proud to be a part of this extraordinary project.