Natural stone is combined with both technology and creativity to create agglomerate marble. This is the product that has distinguished Santamargherita for many years.

Product repeatability, consistent technical and aesthetic features, the exclusive quality of SM Marble and the ability to produce large quantities of material in a short time are all features that make agglomerate marble not only special but also ideal for commercial projects.

This is probably why India Mahdavi chose Santamargherita’s product when redesigning the women's department store at the KaDeWe shopping centre in Berlin. The French designer used several shades of SM Marble (Bianco Neve, Nero Portoro, Rosso Levanto, Rosa Perlino), combining them in floor bands resembling fashion runways. The same materials have also been used for walls and furnishings, thus proving the architectural flexibility of SM Marble.

The extraordinary work carried out by the French designer shows how the technical and aesthetic features of SM Marble can be put to good use when skilfully worked by designers and architects, to create wonderful projects.