Residential buildings

We all want the best for our home, because it says a lot about us. Surfaces that are durable, functional, safe and reliable are must haves.

SANTAMARGHERITA high quality surfaces are made from carefully selected quartz sands and marble grits. They have been developed for a wide range of applications: not only exquisite kitchen countertops and vanities, but flooring, stair treads and risers, fireplace surrounds, indoor wall cladding, bath vanities and shower walls and many others. Suitable for every day use, SANTAMARGHERITA® surfaces are scratch and impact resistant, acid resistant and easy to maintain. Durable and made to last, they help maintain the quality of every indoor environment.

Colors and finishes can be combined with different textures from smooth and shiny to velvety and soft to the touch creating elegant ambiances that keep up with the latest interior design trends.


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