Santamargherita has renewed its warehouse, optimising in-house stock management with the installation of a new automated system: a vertical warehouse for storing slabs capable of speeding up handling operations.
The main advantage is certainly time-related: by speeding up the process, waiting time can be reduced during loading, which will result in cost savings, as well as saving space and reducing risks.
The project is part of the investment programme planned by Santamargherita, primarily aimed at improving its customer service, which has always been the company’s main focus.
For the company, striving to improve the performance of its daily activities is of crucial importance and, at a time when logistics is becoming one of the key elements of business competitiveness, Santamargherita does not want to be caught unprepared.
Thanks also to this additional improvement, the company is now ready to meet customer needs and to ship orders according to an accurate and controlled schedule.