For those who seek elegance. For those who dream of having a timeless kitchen. For those who long for a modern color that will easily blend in with any environment. For all those who like to keep up with trends and seek the latest products, we have created a contemporary classic.
Vermont is the new quartz agglomerate that encapsulates the latest designs, bringing timeless class to modern environments, adding a stylish and sophisticated touch. This is the starting point for your space, the basis for projects that radiate class and rich elegance.
Vermont is a sophisticated material that easily blends with any space thanks to its classic and natural look. Its neutral base and nuanced veins give it a unique appearance while at the same time making it suitable for different styles and space concepts.
Vermont is part of Santamargherita’s range of quartz agglomerates and, like the other products by Santamargherita, it maintains a high level of quality and technical standards, meaning that those who choose it can enjoy an attractive material without compromising on quality.
With this new quartz agglomerate, Santamargherita continues to assert its role as a global ambassador of “Made in Italy” excellence, once again showcasing its typical Italian style and class.