One line, 4 colours and endless veins.

These are the numbers of Fusion, the new quartz collection by Santamargherita.

Why Fusion? The 4 colours available in this attractive new line comprise an eye-catching combination of tones that takes you to a new dimension. Characterised by a flowing and sophisticated design, Black, Grey, Taupe and White create decorative patterns that make them seem more like furnishing elements than parts of the building.

Once again, the new SM Quartz line is inspired by the art of Venetian stucco and its timeless elegance, which has now been reinterpreted with a modern twist: the result is a collection that stands out for its outstanding aesthetic features while ensuring the quality of Santamargherita’s materials.


Unique solutions with an effect of depth, fullness and movement, but Fusion is not the only novelty offered by Santamargherita.

In fact, the quartz line has been enriched with 4 other nuances: Yemen, Oman, Oregon and Cinder Grey are the new colours included in the SM Quartz - Classic line by Santamargherita.

Neutral, timeless tones and delicate nuances suitable for all environments: the new quartz collection is intended for customers seeking stylish solutions, but who also demand high-quality, solid and durable materials with exceptional technical features.

Santamargherita’s new colours are ideal for all applications, including architecture, construction and interior design.