Warm and dusty tones, precious and unexpected details, delicate but bold surfaces.

Here’s how I imagine a Scandi chic house, a house in which I would instantly move in {and I’m sure I’m not alone!}.
A house inhabited by a family who wants to surround themselves with beautiful, refined things that everyone can enjoy. A home that is beautiful to look at but also to be used without fear, a relaxing home with a cosy and welcoming color palette.
Terracotta, a seasonal trend color, fades to a warm salmon pink, which we find in the kitchen and in the living room wall.
This warmer color contrasts with a light blue sugar paper that we find in the sofa with soft and sinuous lines, the perfect place to sip a cup of tea or read a good book. And there are a lot of precious and sometimes unusual details: the soft wool carpet ourain goods, the antique Persian that accompanies the mid-century set for the dining room, the fragrant eucalyptus leaves and the sought-after light spots.

As a basis for the living area, I imagined the white SM Marble Arabescato Bianco from Brecciati collection, with grains of different sizes and colors that reflect the pastel palette of the whole mood board. This game of different shapes and nuances and never the same between them gives a beautiful dynamic effect to the environment. At the same time it also makes everything very relaxing and balanced, the perfect place to receive or spend time with the family.
For the kitchen I imagined instead a quartz countertop in SM Quartz – Helsinki, perfect in contrast with the warm color of the wall units and the wooden shelves.
The floors of Santamargherita are characterized by high resistance to scratches, low level of water absorption and high resistance to chemical agents. They are perfect for use in the kitchen because food does not leave any stain on the surface: the material is resistant to stains and does not retain dirt, making it very easy to clean. And since they are non-porous surfaces they are highly resistant to liquids and acidic substances like coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar. In short, the perfect finish for a kitchen to use and “dirty” with the whole family!

The SM quartz pattern gives movement to the surface, which I imagine in the glossy finish, to reflect the light on the kitchen counter even more.
All the dark details, such as the chandelier, the wall and the upholstery of the chairs make this environment even more elegant.
I find that this mood board is the essence of chic elegance, what do you think?

Ilaria Chiaratti