Every once in a while, you need to indulge in luxury. Be it small or big, there is no greater pleasure… A special bathroom, for example. A bathroom with a marble top. And why not, a bathroom with a marble top and wooden interiors.

Why? Simple: because it’s as chick as it gets. The combination of marble top and wooden interiors is rightfully top-notch in the field of design, not just thanks to the refined beauty of the solutions made thanks to this pair of aces, but also because it adds a uniquely special charm to the bathroom.

Plus, there is always a good reason to decorate a bathroom with marble: the exclusive note that no other material or surface can convey, its ability to turn the bathroom into an exclusive and sophisticated room. In short, in one word, uniqueness. Yes, unique: a marble top and wooden interiors say something: about a special room, designed to combine elegance with comfort. Plus, it’s a fact that marble is one of the most important bathroom furnishing trends of the season. However, choosing the combination of a marble top and wooden interiors is not just a matter of fashion: it’s a true declaration of style.

A marble top always stands out and the association with wood, which at first might seem unusual, is a winner. Marble, is an apparently cold material that meets the warmth of wood with unexpectedly classic results. This encounter gives rise to a timeless classic: the marble-wood duo is at its best in the bathroom as well and creates decorating solutions with endless possibilities.

From the gentleness of classic style to the force of contemporary, the style of a bathroom with a marble top combined with wooden interiors is certainly not meant to go unnoticed. The only limit in choosing the perfect solution will be our imagination.

Every home deserves a bathroom with a marble top. Or if nothing else, it goes really well with any kind of dwelling: in an elegant house, it suits the environment, while in a small and yet charming pied-à-terre it adds a touch of style.

We will never tire of saying that it never goes out of fashion, as this is probably its greatest quality. However, let’s not underestimate more practical aspects as well. Yes, the focus is on aesthetics, but what about practicality and resistance? A bathroom with a marble top is unrivalled in that respect too.

The combination with wood is an example of opposites that attract: it’s the synthesis of opposites, the yin and yang of design. And in their perfect complementarity, here comes harmony. In the home, the bathroom is the quintessentially intimate space: it needs to be comfortable and give a sense of cosiness and comfort to those using it. Choosing the best is a must and with the winning couple marble top-wooden furniture we will achieve our objective.

Dunque, non resta che pensare al lusso che ci aspetta quando tornando a casa ci immergeremo in un bagno di pieno relax, avvolti dall’eleganza del marmo e coccolati dal calore del legno. Un bagno bello da vedere ma soprattutto da vivere.
So, all we need to do now is think of the luxury awaiting us when we get back home. We will immerse ourselves in a fully relaxing bath, enveloped by the elegance of marble and pampered by the warmth of wood. A bathroom beautiful to look at, but above all to be used.

The Editor