Beige is ivory, cream, stone, toasted bread, and cappuccino. This article is dedicated to those who love neutral and bright tones with no fear of seeming ordinary. In fact, to create magnificent interiors, it is important to select the right shades; too much beige would indeed make the rooms look monotonous and dull. Beige is a neutral colour par excellence and blends well with all colours. When it is warmer, in tones close to camel, for example, it blends better with cold colours; on the contrary, in its cold shades, such as sand, it goes well with warm colours and is used to make them colder, less bold and more refined. It is important to add a bold-coloured touch to the floor as well as furnishing, for example, wenge, or any shade of wood that is not too light. For those who love sparkling light effects, a colour scheme using apricot, bright yellow, gold and bronze may satisfy such tastes.

This concept proposes SM QUARTZ | COLOUR: Vittoria White | COLLECTION: Venati and SM QUARTZ | COLOUR: Sabbia Beige | COLLECTION: Venati, the veined collection, harmonises all the materials used in the room, creating a bright, lively, and unique atmosphere that is far from dull.

Arch. Simona D’Andrea