Art, science or trend? It’s difficult to define colour harmony. This word has now earned a place of honour among the topics most followed by fashion victims. In fact, we could define it as a method that allows you to understand which colours are most suitable for your look and how to best use them by mixing clothes. In recent years we have heard more and more about colour harmony thanks to image consultants. The trend then exploded on the web: in the last year, bloggers and influencers in the world of beauty and fashion have dedicated several articles and videos to this topic. Fashion, however, is not the only sector that has been affected by this renewed interest in colours: design and architecture are finding new cues thanks to colour harmony.

The 4 seasons and subgroups

How to understand which colour suits your complexion? Image consultants use “draping”, which consists in placing the samples of different colours close to your face to understand which ones you should use for your look. This method allows you to understand if you belong to the winter, spring, summer or autumn group. The Autumn type, for example, is typical of brunettes with a warm complexion. The most suitable colours in this case are brown and similar shades, such as copper and bronze, or green or mustard. In reality, colour harmony has refined this distinction by also identifying subgroups for each type, for example “deep autumn”. This way, it is impossible to get the wrong look.

How does colour harmony apply to architecture and design?

It is not so difficult to find affinity between the art of the perfect outfit and that of ideal interiors. Every room can acquire a different aura and find new light thanks to the use of colours. The right colour combinations can enhance the beauty of a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom.

The secret lies in finding the ideal range of colours for your rooms and moving around the furniture. Floor, textiles and decorations must coexist and blend in a harmonious way. The set up of an environment where colours create perfect symphony is even more important in the case of a business, a hotel or a restaurant. Colour harmony can become your best ally and help with the creation of environments where you can always feel at home.