Often undervalued and underused, the study is one of the main rooms of the house and certainly deserves special attention. This room should be carefully designed, so as to promote concentration and allow one to work undisturbed. Indeed, there are many professionals working from home who need a special room to concentrate.

Let’s take a look at some tips to decorate the study.

1-Start from the bottom

The walls and floor are far more important than you think. The study is a room where you can be daring with brighter colours and livelier schemes. You might even be bold and use yellow, a colour that apparently stimulates creativity. To be on the safe side, you can opt to combine a parquet floor with a white wall, a perfect canvas to paint and create a successful study. For those looking for a more refined effect, yes to a marble floor – a well-known timeless classic.

2-Don’t forget about light

Light is essential to avoid weary eyes. This is why the room should always have sources of natural light and lamps placed above your desk or near your workstation. Be bold and use industrial lamps for a study with a somewhat underground feel.

3-Choose quality furnishings

Over time, an uncomfortable, cheap workstation will affect the well-being of body and mind. Choose quality materials for the desk and chair. Those who need to remain seated for long lengths of time know that sooner or later their back will start to feel the effects. You should always choose ergonomic and adjustable models for your chair.

4-Add a personal touch

Be it a print hanging on the wall or the green touch of a plant, don’t forget about the details of your study. Add elements and decorations in line with your personal taste and your personality without overdoing it.