I’m 42 and have no tattoos!

None, not even a small one hidden who knows where. A rarity, the exception that proves the rule in a world where normality is something else, and you are just the odd one. 

I love colour, I love decoration, but not on my skin. And I prefer to engrave important moments in my memory. I have never loved the static nature of things, I like changing. As to my aesthetic choices, I’m fickle. Everything must be able to change, and everything does change – except for slow metabolism that can’t be really bothered to do so!

But I am a creative, one who makes a living with colour, and thank goodness I also have my vent valve – walls!

Yes, because I definitely don’t get along well with the minimalist movement, in fact I have a hard time dealing with it, because I am well aware of the major role walls can play in a room. I love vertical surfaces as much as horizontal ones. I love using stone to enhance bathrooms, but I don’t like half measures and, if you allow me a tip – which has now become an adage – «better concentrating beauty in one point than spreading mediocrity everywhere.» True, isn’t it? What do I mean? I mean exactly what I wrote: no to half-covered walls, no to the same old colours, no to those second-best choices just so that the walls are not left white. A colour is not good for everyone. Houses are not all the same because we are not identical. Let us not give in to meekness. We all have different personalities, and our homes should reflect us.

We have a lot of opportunities, in addition to colour, to enhance our walls and create a wow effect. And even if no one raises their hand, I’ll tell you my opinion. After all, it is written in the subtitle of my column that you will get advice here without asking for it – a bit like bills!

Which materials do I prefer?

Large stone slabs (quartz or marble agglomerate) in bathrooms … why? I hate gaps. These slabs are easy to clean, and colour can be concentrated in one point and give grandeur to the room.

SM Marble – Palladio Moro
SM Marble – Palladio Griso

Wallpaper, well, we’re walking through a mine field here, because I love it against any reasonable doubt! I love the vitality it manages to give to the room. I like daring with little, but disrupting everything.

Thumbs up to wood. There are companies that customise walls with recycled wood, and the superb effect is guaranteed.

I like leaving a mark in the work I do – and somehow this mark is left on the skin of those who live in those spaces, even if you don’t see it, even if it is far from being a tattoo.

Cristina Giorgi @Spaziometodo