How to add a sophisticated and classy touch to a room? What are the key points to consider and start from for the design?

In my opinion, this dining area is the emblem of sophisticated style: iconic design pieces, fine finishes and cladding, a concrete ceiling and a large piece of artwork on the wall.
Yet, despite there being just a few pieces, it is an environment that is not cold at all, in fact, it urges you to sit at the table. Thanks to a few well-placed touches, it is inviting and welcoming.

Let’s start with the basics: an ultra-minimal optical white wall, a concrete ceiling that has nothing to do with industrial style, a material that appears cold, but when combined with others, it’s very versatile.

As in this case, combined with the marble floor, reminiscent of SM MARBLE – Breccia Aurora, agglomerate marble in warm and delicate colours, with a glossy finish that amplifies the elegant and refined effect on the light and reflections. A timeless choice indeed!

The wooden chairs, delicately covered with eco-fur that makes them even more comfortable, reflect the colour of the marble floor, creating a classy fusion.

The table – a design masterpiece by Eero Saarinen and dated 1955 – also with a marble top, is the quintessence of sophisticated style, for its clean, essential and pure lines.

Lines that blend well with the Danish wooden sideboard, presumably from the same historical period. The only element on the wall is a large piece of art, a photograph of a beach, the colours of which reflect the shades of the rest of the room.

The details are few but well-balanced, everything is studied with utmost attention, just like the lighting, which almost seems to disappear and float in space.

This is the strong point of sophisticated style, a style that is never audacious but rather, almost modest, which does not require any dramatic touch but simply knowing how to choose the best materials and the best finishes, wisely.

Ilaria Chiaratti

Photo by Studio Oink