Today, purchasing spaces in cities and
converting them into shared workspaces has become a growing business. I am talking about Coworking spaces. They are the new frontier of work, sought not only by freelance professionals but also by companies.

This phenomenon has been around for a few years now, and today there is a lot of competition, especially in major cities, not just in terms of rent prices, but above all in terms of services provided, as well as offering an environment that must be not only functional but also stylish.
I’m going to tell you more about this last aspect.

Let’s suppose, for instance, that you have bought a well-sized property in a strategic area of the city that is easy to get to by public transport, and that you have already completed all the necessary paperwork to turn it into a coworking space.
You now have to think about how you’re going to divide it internally and what image you want for it. It is advisable not to divide it up into too many rooms or workstations to rent. Nobody is going to work well in a small, crowded space.

What you need to create is a friendly environment where people can work, meet and greet each other, just like at home. An ideal solution would be an open space area with furnishings including fully equipped workstations with panels to ensure privacy and to protect against background noise.
You will also need to have a meeting room, a lounge area with armchairs or sofas and, possibly, a hob and a table for lunch and coffee breaks.
If you have plenty of space available, you could consider designing a leisure area for table football, pool or table tennis.
Or a small gym with some bodybuilding equipment. In this case, the bathroom should also have a shower and, if you want to think big, also a sauna. For this environment, I would recommend a blend of vintage and contemporary style.

As far as flooring is concerned, I particularly like the SM Marble in the Vendome shade, which is part of the Brecciati collection by Santamargherita. It is a highly resistant and elegant surface in which marble grit is mixed with high-quality resins, creating an extremely technologically advanced product.
With this kind of flooring, the vintage effect will be guaranteed, and we could also experiment with the furnishings to match the style, which should be both elegant and informal.

Stefania Vairelli