We are in New York of the ‘50s, the war is over and the world is changing. Some of the spaces that were previously used as offices, factories or for industrial use are now empty, without a purpose, and are therefore “recovered” and turned into something else: homes. This is how the industrial style began.

Andy Warhol was one of the first to use these spaces and turned it into his Factory, and thanks to his success and his Pop Art the industrial style spread across the world becoming the perfect style for every room in the house, even the bedroom.


Its evening, you open the door, you walk in, into your home, and you are enthralled by the scent. If a room is the right one, you also understand that by the scent, and by the fragrance of aged leather, wood and metal, that remind you of a small craftsman’s shop that you went to many years ago, and makes you realise that it was the right choice to decorate your house with the industrial style.

Your bedroom is in an open space, one with the house, separated only by a tall brick wall, and surrounded on two sides by generous windows that give you a great view of the city.

This industrial dream can be created thanks to few and essential details. Firstly, open spaces are fundamental: the space must never be completely closed, it is necessary to be able to see the living room from the bedroom. Another crucial feature is the walls: they need to be unfinished, built with bricks, that can be left natural or painted, but with light colours, ranging from off-white to beige to dove grey.

Also the furniture has rules to follow: it needs to be practical and functional. Furnish the bedroom with a bed, an vintage leather armchair and an old chest. You won’t need anything else.

Lastly, it needs a touch of green. Opt for green plants because colourful plants could interfere with the coherence of this style. A plant that could never go wrong is Aloe vera, because in addition to being aesthetically gorgeous, thanks to its huge leaves, it also offers beneficial properties that can be helpful in your everyday life. 

The colour contrast that develops between the shop materials and the green of the aloe plant provides the room with a special effect.


Furnishing according to the concept of minimalism does not mean excluding accessories, it means choosing the right fabric and colour. For cushions and rugs, choose natural fabrics such as linen and jute, or solid colours. If you want to create a slightly country effect, opt for chequered patterns, which will be perfect.

Exclude curtains from the accessories that you wish to use, which could prove to be too classic for a style that aims to be modern, and that also risk keeping out the natural light from the windows.


Lighting is crucial in every part of the home because it makes the overall composition harmonious, but especially in the bedroom where the light needs to have the right brightness.

The industrial style requires diffused and natural light, i.e. coming from outside through large windows, which are an integral part of the home.

But artificial lighting is also important: choose ceiling lamps, with warm light and a transparent external enclosure, such as glass, for example, to let the bulb show.

The retro style that develops will go perfectly with the other elements of your industrial bedroom.


Industrial style floors normally have a cement effect, but to emphasise the contrast it could be interesting to consider a Venetian style floor. Following the same style on every surface could, in fact, make the rooms bland. The idea of breaking up the monotony of the unfinished materials, the exposed pipes, the metals and the cement with a variety of colours of small fragments of marble in the floor, is just the right touch of originality. The idea is to have the same floor throughout the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

To serve this purpose it requires a type of marble with dark shades that still has hints of the rust colours of factory materials, all without being overwhelming in rooms such as the bedroom, where relaxation is the priority. This is why we chose SM MARBLE-Pisani from the SM- Marble-Palazzo collection by Santamargherita: the ideal solution for decorating the entire house with an industrial style.