Social media is world full of ideas and inspiration for lovers of interior design. Thousands of professionals, influencers, theme pages and passionate people publish photos of projects and interior projects daily, enriching the galleries of the most popular hashtags related to furnishing and design. We decided to follow the hashtag #interiordesign and chose 5 of the most popular posts in search of the styles, trends and preferences of the Instagram population.

Industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchens are characterised by their neat and metropolitan style. Inspired by the renovation of neglected spaces and warehouses which, since the 1950s, has led to a trend of defined and easily recognisable styles, industrial interior decoration is capable of enhancing open spaces and lofts, giving the rooms an air of basic elegance. The neat and essential lines of the furnishings, enhanced by the choice of dark colours – black and grey in this case-, stand out in contrast to the walls that are generally characterised by an aged or delabrè style, or show, as in this case, exposed brickwork for an impressive contrast of colours.


Black&White kitchen

A bold kitchen, which plays on strong contrasts and neat lines for essential interior decoration, whose dual tone creates the visual contrast par excellence: chiaroscuro, light and shadow. The “yin yang” effect is enhanced by the presence of white finishing and accessories in the black part and, vice-versa, black in the white part. An evergreen combination, that of black and white, capable of enhancing both large and small spaces and the minimal profiles of modern kitchens.


The White Apartment

The choice of total white is particularly suited for large and bright rooms. Large sized open spaces or living areas are ideal candidates for a pure white look. The light colours in fact enhance the volumes whilst enhancing the brightness of the rooms. The choice to warm up the white walls and floor with the light wood inserts of the mezzanine and with fabrics in beige and dove grey shades staves off the risk of creating a cold and sterile atmosphere.


Luxury bathrooms: Gold and Marble

A large bathroom, developed lengthwise, where a light veined marble is the key protagonist of floors and coatings. The large window floods the room with light, enhancing the whiteness of the marble and the glimmer of the golden finishes. A luxurious bathroom, where the combination of marble and gold brings back the memory of times past, however, interpreted in a modern key.


Playing with furnishings and mixing different styles can lead to unusual results and create “visual short-circuits” of great impact, able to create an elegance made of contrasts.

The retro lines of the chairs, the console and the lamps, reminiscent of the 1960s, combined with a statement chandelier, with a complex glass architecture and a table with an equally luxurious structure

The play of contrasts continues on a chromatic level, where the muted hues of the light veined marble floor and the light grey of the walls contrast with the bright and lively colours of the hanging paintings, enhancing them.                                                                                             


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