Once again, this year, the top 10 trends for bathroom floors and tiles include a great classic: mosaic.

An eternal return to the style that, more than any other, has embodied the idea of design for the most elegant, refined and sophisticated salles de bains, while looking for a special twist. Yes, because mosaics, and in particular quartz mosaics, give an added touch to the austere (yet always beautiful) marble bathroom.

The beauty of a marble bathroom (if you really must make a choice and rank just one of its many merits as the topmost) is undoubtedly its strong aesthetic appeal. A marble bathroom is a choice of style rather than design. A declaration of love to solid materials, made to last, to the purity of shapes that does not need many frills to shine.

A marble bathroom is a staple of elegance in interior decoration, which nevertheless often opens up to new interpretations. Indeed, one of these is mosaic. Quartz mosaics like those created with Santamargherita products give marble bathrooms a touch of vibrant color: think of the designs created with Santamargherita Stardust quartz or the refined color schemes of Napoleon Brown.

Mosaics offer the marble bathroom extraordinary variations and unexpected color effects, thanks to the reflections of light that, by their very nature, are never the same. Marble and mosaic bathroom: a meeting of giants, two timeless must-haves for surfaces and bathroom furnishings, which together give new space to color and imagination.  Mosaics offer a boost of freshness and unexpected colored geometric patterns to the frigid beauty of a marble bathroom. It is indeed worth saying that mosaic is still one of the most fashionable trends this season as well: a traditional material with endless potential for expression, increasingly trendy thanks to the careful selection of the materials it is made with. Santamargherita quartz agglomerates are the perfect raw material to shape mosaics that suit every type of space and every type of bathroom style. Classic, modern, contemporary, design, fusion… In other words, to each style its own mosaic! There is no limit to creativity.

Why limit your imagination when you have a palette of endless interpretations and combinations and just as many color schemes to make your bathroom even more personal and exclusive? Plus, today more than ever, we are all taken by a thousand commitments, and at the end of the day we like going back to a space all to ourselves (at least for a while!) inside the home, a place that is truly unique and cosy: the bathroom. Precisely for this reason the style and visual impact of this room is as important as its function: a marble bathroom will always be a marble bathroom, which performs its functions with brilliant elegance, but with a mosaic it has that added je ne sais quoi…

The Editor