The bathroom has always been an intimate place where you can relax and be alone with your thoughts. A room dedicated to personal care, but also a refuge for the spirit. The trend has been unsurprisingly embraced by architects and interior designers whereby the bathroom changes features to almost become a living room. The living room-style bathroom trend takes us to a new dimension made of slow rhythms meant to be enjoyed and experienced without stress.  All that remains is giving back the bathroom its primary role by furnishing it in the right way.

Details that make the difference

To turn the bathroom into a living room, you need to focus on the details. First of all, you need to create a comfortable environment, capable of setting a relaxed atmosphere. So yes to posters and prints on the walls, plants positioned in the right spots. With the right lighting, quality mirrors and textiles, the room will become more refined. The extra touch? A bedside table or shelves with books to read comfortably in the bathtub.

Freestanding bathtub, sublime elegance

If there is one element capable of immediately giving the bathroom a touch of elegance, that would be the freestanding bathtub. This type of bathtub can be installed anywhere in the room without being recessed into the wall. The freestanding bathtub draws attention and immediately makes the room more chic. It is also perfect for different types of bathrooms. For bathrooms with a retro style, choose models with white or golden feet, for rooms with a contemporary or industrial style, focus on tubs with clean lines.

If you are truly bold, you could even opt for a marble freestanding tub. In this case, the SM Marble – Palladio Laguna (Lagoon Palladium) tub and floor create a continuum that makes the bathroom particularly precious.

Natural materials for the shower, too

Not just the bathtub: the shower box can also help create an elegant and charming bathroom. The design of the shower box is minimal and yet spacious with special attention placed on natural materials. Large shower boxes offer a preferential view point of your living room-style bathroom. This appealing feeling of openness can also be found in other styles, such as cycladic. Indeed, the showers in cycladic homes are typically carved into the stone and feature soft lines.


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