“Cold Macchiato” (espresso with a splash of milk)

“Weak black coffee”


“In a large cup”

“No sugar”

This is a part of the script recited every morning in a bar, by regular actors and random extras, on a stage with always the same act: a very long marble catwalk ready to host the most frenetic and dynamic scenes of people’s everyday lives. Marble is a material that has always been the undisputed protagonist of coffee shop furnishings: solid, shiny, resistant, elegant and sophisticated. It is laid out on counters and tables ready to guard and support people’s efforts. In these welcoming and charming environments, we think about our day, our commitments, we plan our lives and let ourselves be pampered and comforted by steaming cups of coffee on those shiny marble surfaces.

Santamargherita is fully aware of its customers’ desires and needs and always offers solutions in line with the most current and innovative requests, while maintaining the timeless charm of marble.

In the project for Party House Saint Germain, the versatility of the material has been enhanced by cleverly combining the marble counter with a different covering in warmer tones and textures.

The counter has also been embellished by light sources which, as in any respectable stage, enhance the importance and value of the protagonist of the scene. In this case the use of light from above and from below is essential to lighten the wall from the imposing marble and the choice of using warm light enhances the shine of the material, making it visually more welcoming.

Francesca Macioce