Lower Manhattan: the birth of a style

It all began with a project developed by Russian architect Dmitry Reutov, whose goal was to decorate a New York apartment where the day’s stress, noise and fatigue would be checked at the door.

Hence Dmitry imagined a house with a dreamy atmosphere, with marshmallow-like sofas and armchairs, confectionery-colour surfaces and walls in hues ranging from antique rose to coral, from turquoise to natural shades of green. This colour palette is inspired by the natural colours of Mexico, and is the reason why there are cactus plants in almost every room of the apartment. There are no sharp corners anywhere in the entire apartment, but load bearing columns, portholes between the entrance hall and the living room and globe-shaped lamps that light up the rooms.




Credit: confetti-e-cactus-dolcezza-inebriante-a-manhattan/

Colour schemes: selections based on emotions

In design just like in everyday life, the expressive force of colour is closely linked to the emotional dimension of each one of us. The colour palette in perfect Bonbon style aims to create exhilarating, almost surreal atmospheres, that can take us out of the confines of our hectic routine to find again our personal dimension of comfort. Pink has the starring role, a colour that conveys serenity, positivity and well-being. In particular the hues of Penelope by Graham & Brown, Positively Pink by Behr and Pleasant Pink by Benjamin Moore are the most appreciated because they warm up the environment with elegance. Green, in its many nuances, is another very sophisticated colour solution, as it echoes the reassuring beauty of natural landscapes and helps create a cosy, warm environment. Gold and blue also feature, as well as wall paper painted entirely by hand and characterised by oriental style floral patterns. But Living Coral 16-1546 is the trending colour that the Pantone Institute has identified as the coolest colour of 2019. A bright and lively nuance that expresses energy and positivity. What is more, Living Coral can be used in a number of combinations with neutral or pastel shades, such as green and light blue, to achieve a surprising and unmistakable style that conjures up the coral reef!

An adaptation with a contemporary twist: Ch Tea Room Kobe

From New York, Reutov’s vision reaches Japan and more precisely the city of Kobe, home of the tea room of the same name in perfect Bonbon style, the Ch Tea Room Kobe, now known by travellers from around the world indeed because of its uniqueness. Here you can sip your tea immersed in a dreamy atmosphere of delicate colours and elegant velvet chairs inspired by classic films from the 30s to the 60s. This magnificent tea room also features the most elegant chairs upholstered in antique rose velvet on a golden base, inspired by seductive cinema icon Marilyn Monroe.



Palladio Fenice: chromatic evolutions in Bonbon Style

The States, Japan but also Italy! There are no limits to the good vibes of the bonbon style which can even be found in the contemporary interpretation of an ancient art: Palladiana flooring. The name speaks volumes as to its origins, as it became fashionable in the 1600’s thanks to celebrated architect Andrea Palladio who used it for the flooring of many Venetian Villas, now recognised as a Unesco Heritage. One of Santamargherita’s most appreciated Collections is named after the most prestigious 16th century architect of the Venetian Republic, whose work is applauded in Goethe’s works of the 1700’s. Of the four available variations, the one that conveys the influence of the Bonbon style is SM Marble – Palladio Fenice, which combines the shades of green, orange, pink and coral in a brilliant and precise chromatic symphony. SM Marble – Palladio Fenice is the marble-based agglomerate that brings together history and new trends, artistic traditions of the past and contemporary style, for a result that is one of its kind. 

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