Among the interior design trends that draw direct inspiration from the world of art, Pop Art is an evergreen that knows neither age nor seasons. Always trendy with the brightness of its colours, the flair of its shapes, its ironic language and its striking settings, pop style can give the home environment an original and fun touch.

Originated at the turn of the 50s and 60s, in a period of great upheavals and protests in the social, cultural and ideological fields, this “popular” art feeds on myths, content and experiences of mass culture and consumer society with irreverent intent. The expressive language of Pop Art appropriates everyday objects, consumer goods and mass media to reflect the spirit of the times and eliminate the border between artistic work and a commercial product.

Choosing the materials

Resins, plexiglass, plastic and its derivatives are used to create furnishing accessories with bright colours and eccentric shapes. The malleability of these materials offers various design possibilities that steer away from anything conventional. Don’t be afraid to mix plastic, rubber, resin, leather and metals together – be bold!

Exaggerated colours

Fluorescent shades, bright and lively colours, psychedelic geometries and multi-coloured patterns distinguish Pop style. Colours are a fundamental element to create visual coherence between very different furnishing accessories and to establish continuity between the various rooms of the domestic space. It is indispensable to use striking colour contrasts and full shades.

The importance of accessories A red sofa, inspired by the most sensual lips of Hollywood, a hand-shaped armchair, large modular seats with bright shades and curved designs and suspended bubble chairs create a bold visual effect in the living area.

Source: Pinterest

Plastic materials and artefacts give life to furniture with essential and fanciful shapes, low tables placed at the centre of the living room, bookcases and shelves with a glossy finish and an enveloping design. Cartoons, pictures of idols, excerpts from old newspapers and adverts can regenerate an old sideboard with a touch of Pop.

Copyright quotes

Cinema icons, such as Marilyn Monroe, comic book heroes, characters from cartoons and the political world, advertising brands, such as Coca Cola, and consumer products become the undisputed protagonists of screen prints and copyright posters. Real must-haves for pop-style furnishings; you can be inspired by the famous works of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein to decorate the walls of your home.


Stickers inspired by the comic art of Lichtenstein are perfect for your refrigerator, whereas the silkscreen reproductions of the famous Campbell soup cans can give an original touch to your kitchen. Warhol’s giant posters are ideal for open-plan areas, where iconographic repetitiveness implies the serial nature of industrial production and turns the subject into a cult object.