For those seeking top performance in the kitchen, there’s a simple solution: a quartz worktop. Features: top resistance, excellent quality, no specific maintenance required. All without foregoing aesthetics: they are resistant to stains, scratches, acid agents and their non-porous surface does not let in moisture.

A quartz worktop is first of all a practical choice. Who said you have to give up beauty, though? Choosing a quartz worktop solves the dilemma: Unparalleled hardness, top functionality and a pleasant design at the same time. aWhat more could you want from a kitchen worktop? The success of quartz kitchen worktops and quartz agglomerates is clear proof. And increasingly higher market demand of course goes hand in hand with an offer that is truly able to meet any kind of need, be it a matter of colour, size or finish, glossy or matt according to personal taste.

In large spaces and even more so in smaller ones, a quartz kitchen worktop takes centre stage. An extremely popular material that has rightfully gained its place in interior designers’ top lists, a quartz kitchen worktop certainly has a feature that must not be underestimated, especially if we have little space: brightness. It is eye-catching due to its contemporary beauty and openly nods to the essential advantage of convenience. Saying that a bright quartz worktop is the ‘top’ you can have in the kitchen is not just a pun. As shown by Bianco Stardust, one of the quartz solutions designed by Santamargherita: supreme brilliance for a spectacularly superlative and sparkling effect.

The Bianco Stardust quartz kitchen worktop shimmers with light and adds a magical allure to the room, as if suspended in time. Contemporary, shabby chic, classic… It’s not so much the style or furniture of the kitchen, as the presence of a quartz worktop that makes a difference: it’s the note that brightens up everything. Imagine the effect: a quartz kitchen worktop of the Sm Quartz – Stardust range by Santamargherita is pure light. No, it’s not a metaphor: the quartz kitchen worktop literally emits light, also thanks to its special chemical composition full of reflective particles.

Santamargherita uses an extremely hard material like quartz in a number of elegant and versatile solutions, designed for homes, as well as for professional kitchens. A quartz kitchen worktop stands for high performance and unaltered beauty over time: a true top player! Resistance and impermeability make it a specific choice for those who don’t want to take chances. The fact that there is a multitude of colours to choose from is then a (great!) added value. Colour, we were saying, and light. Plenty of light: the quartz kitchen worktop attracts, reflects, shines… in one word, it brightens up the room. A small kitchen will immediately look bigger with a quartz top that attracts light thanks to the fact of being a ‘catalyst for brilliance’: no magic, just chemistry. A quartz agglomerate is the result of specific research and using it on kitchen worktops enhances its technical features, but also and above all its aesthetic ones.

A quartz worktop and the kitchen is flooded with light.

The Editor