Overlooking none other than the Grand Canal in Venice, Palazzo Foscari was the source of inspiration of great artists and painters. Canaletto himself, painter of views, painted some of his most famous pieces from the halls of this palace. A Gothic building characterised by the presence of a polifora that offers a breathtaking view of the canal, Ca’ Foscari stands out from the other buildings of the Lagoon for its indisputable elegance.

The warm and enveloping tones of the façade are what inspired Santamargherita to create SM Marble – Foscari, the new material of the Palazzo collection. Prior to the current building, in its place, stood Casa delle Due Torri, once the property of the Gonzagas and then the Sforzas. After the Doge Francesco Foscari took possession of the building, he had it demolished and erected another, even greater one. The author of the building was Bartolomeo Bono, who built it to be a “domus magna”, both home and place of reception. In fact it was a dwelling to receive illustrious people of that time. The building is currently the site of the Ca’ Foscari University.

This ancient building was the inspiration for SM Marble – Foscari: the fascinating architecture and art of la Serenissima continues to charm everyone, as much today as in the past.