The fine grains and the precious tones of SM Marble – Maffei, the new material of the Palazzo collection, are inspired by the very beautiful decoration of Palazzo Maffei, which overlooks Piazza delle Erbe in Verona.

The timeless charm of Palazzo Maffei in Verona

Scenographic, impressive, mysterious: Palazzo Maffei is a true pearl in the heart of Verona. The various neutral hues of the marble are also found in the columns, the frames and other architectural elements that decorate the Baroque façade of the building. While the most ancient part of the building dates back to the medieval ages, its current form was only achieved following expansion works in the 1600’s, conducted by bankers Marcantonio and Rolandino Maffei. The statues of Hercules, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Apollo and Minerva on the balustrade make the building even more charming. However, the building is not only a tribute to ancient and past times. In recent years the building has been turned into a home-museum and, to date, houses a rich collection of works of art. The halls of the buildings showcase masterpieces by Picasso, De Chirico, Magritte and many others.