The building that inspired Santamargherita for SM Marble – Reale, the new material of the Palazzo collection, is located in piazza del Plebiscito in Naples. Once a historical residence of Spanish viceroys, it is now one of the most elegant and refined Italian palaces. Renaissance shapes and ornaments in a classic style make the structure a true gem. The material inspired by the Neapolitan palace is also precious and charming: SM Marble – Reale.

From Naples to Verona: SM Marble – Reale

The geometric shapes of the granules that compose the Palladiana flooring and the soft colours, tone on tone, repeat across the entire base, as in the modular design of the façade of the Royal Palace, which could be repeated infinitely. The design of the Royal Palace was assigned to architect Domenico Fontana in the 17th century, with the intention of creating a civil residence in a classic and Renaissance style. To this day, the interior still expresses the greatness of the project. The Court of Honour, the halls, the National Library and then, outside, the Hanging Garden: each space is a triumph of beauty.