Santamargherita, a leading company in the production of quartz and marble agglomerate surfaces, is based in its historic headquarters in Volargne di Dolcè, in the heart of Valpolicella: an area between Lake Garda and Verona with unique characteristics in terms of culture, traditions and skills.

The extensive experience, the constant research and innovation and the focus on the development of national and international markets are the main features that have allowed Santamargherita to become synonymous with quality and reliability.

Our origins

The company was established thanks to the intuition of the two founders, who, during the construction boom of the 1960s, started searching for a material that could replicate the famous crazy paving: a type of flooring with marble or stone chips arranged irregularly on a cement or resin base. This led to the creation of the agglomerate, which then evolved over the years according to the raw materials used.

Initially, the agglomerate featured marble-based chips and cement was used as the main binder (later replaced by resin).

Products, techniques and distinctive features

Santamargherita dedicated itself solely to the production of marble-based agglomerates up to the early 1990s, when the first quartz-based agglomerate production plants were installed.

Production differentiation turned out to be a brilliant intuition, and allowed the company to expand its target, reaching new foreign markets and buyers with a different purchasing power.

Today the company still offers two distinct product lines: Santamargherita Marble (SM Marble) and Santamargherita Quartz (SM Quartz), which allow it to meet different needs: from large public buildings to private homes, from small surfaces to contractual supplies.

Our relationship with the environment

Santamargherita agglomerates are certified for safe contact with food and for use in healthy environments. SM Marble and SM Quartz products comply with the standards established by the LEED V4 protocol, the certification process related to the construction of buildings.

Our goals for the future

Santamargherita is attentive to new architectural and interior design trends: it offers a wide range of classic and elegant agglomerates, with trendy neutral colours, as well as an innovative and exclusive selection of products featuring original colours and precious finishes.

The company aims to consolidate its market share and to continue the constant process of growth and innovation, without compromising on quality and respect for its distinctive values.