Staying at home is a pleasure. Our home is becoming more and more the place that reflects our personality and that projects us into an intimate and personal dimension. Within the walls of our home, we discover a world made of simple feelings connected to our experiences and our emotions.

Which room of our home conveys warmth and hospitality more than the kitchen? Like a heart, it brings life to all the rooms and, like an embrace, it envelops the house, those who live there every day or those who simply come round. The kitchen is our place of choice for allowing our true emotions to take shape and come to life: this is where we prepare food for ourselves and for those we love, and where we welcome friends and spend most of our time in the house.

Our kitchen says something about us: this can be seen, especially, in our choice of furniture, design and materials. With the kitchen worktop, for example, our heart tells us which one is perfect for us. As such, it deserves special attention. We need to consider all aspects when choosing the worktop. Is there a perfect worktop (at least in the kitchen)? The answer is yes. If it meets all our needs we’re done! When it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop, many factors come into play that are all equally important and should not be underestimated. After all, it is we, with our taste and our style, who make the final decision.

This modern trend marks the great return of function in design (or at least it would seem so according to rumours on social media). In other words, when it comes to deciding which is the best kitchen worktop, we should first consider a number of technical aspects. To be defined as such, a good kitchen worktop must be at least resistant and practical. The material is what will make the difference. Nowadays, there are many solutions that can effectively cater for these basic needs without sacrificing aesthetics. Beauty and resistance in a kitchen worktop are a combination that truly exists. They are the result of a perfect balance between material and design. The kitchen worktop also becomes strategic when it fulfils the goal of harmoniously complementing the furnishing of the room becoming its key feature. We should not be overwhelmed by the almost infinite variety of choices and solutions that are currently available on the market! Being able to choose is actually an advantage and it is up to us to know how to seize and exploit it so that we can enhance every space as much as possible and satisfy our preferences.

Let’s now go back to the initial question: how do we choose the perfect kitchen worktop? To find a solution that meets our expectations, we can thus narrow the field by taking into consideration strength, hygiene and durability. A quartz kitchen worktop (as well as a quartz agglomerate one) is the epitome of performance and design. In addition to being a classic, and as such is timeless, it easily complements any style of decor and blends in perfectly with any environment.

The Editor