Imagine it’s Friday night, you’ve decided to invite some friends over for dinner and you’re busy cooking braised meat or, worse, competing to see who in the family makes the best meatballs with sauce. A child is doing her homework whilst eating a snack, crayon and rubber shavings are mixed with splashes of sauce and a bottle of Amarone wine is a bit unstable. Would any kitchen worktop be able to make it unscathed? Probably not.

When you are about to choose your kitchen, make sure you follow the 3-word rule:efficiency, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness. Have you ever thought about the fact that the worktop is the most stressed component in any kitchen, as well as being in close contact with food?

SM Quartz surfaces are ideal for those who spend time in the kitchen throughout the day: they undergo processing that makes them stain-resistant, they do not retain dirt and make daily cleaning easier. Plus, thanks to their sophisticated composition, SM Quartz worktops comply with strict food preparation standards.

There will be no excuses even for lovers of very elaborate food: forget about the equation quartz = fragility. Quartz worktops are highly resistant to scratches and chemicals, with low liquid absorption levels.

Yes but…what about the colour?

This is where SM’s craftsmanship and expertise come together. The Fusion collection, which is one of my favourites, especially when enhanced with opaque plain doors, brings to mind lunar surfaces: think of a Fusion Black worktop, with plenty of veins and light and dark effects that add depth and character to the worktop. Or of the endless paths you could follow by observing the tone-on-tone contrast of Fusion Taupe, or even the elegance of the green and grey hues of the Fusion Grey slabs.

Now think about your Friday night again on an SM snack worktop and enjoy dinner with friends: if you spill a glass of wine, it will only affect your pride.

Consuelo Malta