The “shining stone” goes well with wood.

“Total white” is a thing of the past and we are now open to combining materials, textures and finishes that make even the simplest objects original and vivid.

In our homes we increasingly need to be surrounded by living and vital things in order to establish an even closer relationship between man and nature. This is why we seek beauty in marble veining or in the harmonious warmth of wood.

Corba of Gumdesign for the Stone House (

We look for them not only in wall and floor tiles and surfaces but, above all, we want to see them, use them and touch them in furnishing accessories and common objects.  We increasingly strive to retrieve the narrative value of what we use so as to create an intimate, reassuring environment.

Marble tables have always been considered very prestigious and are the perfect choice for both the kitchen and the living room.  Marble and wood seem to be made for each other and are in perfect harmony.

White Carrara marble rolling pin (

Today, however, the sturdiness and shine of marble combined with the harmony of wood can be found in many household items: from kitchenware, such as plates, pots, bowls, meat tenderisers and rolling pins, to small furnishing accessories.

Lighting also plays more and more with these materials, enhancing their features as in the C2m pendant lamp made of Guatemala marble and walnut wood by Stefan Gant for GANTlights or in the Coletto table lamp by the Emmepi studio, made from waste material that is lathed, carved and finished.

Pendant lamp C2m by Stefan Gant (
Hansel table by Pierre Dubourg (

So all we need to do is admire the sinuous veins of marble and succumb to the warm and rough texture of wood to feel more alive and in perfect harmony with nature.

Davide Loro