Black marble is undeniably elegant and gives any type of home a unique touch, and it is capable of capturing all attention. Let’s deal with the difficulty some people have in choosing black marble as they fear it might make the room dark. In this regard, we have to assess the amount of light in the house. If the rooms are large and a lot of light filters in, it is possible to combine black marble with dark furnishings, which will enhance its hues. On the other hand, if the room has little light, you must go for brighter shades for the walls as well as furnishings.

This proposal uses SM MARBLE | COLOUR: Nero Portoro | COLLECTION: Breccia Used here with shades that bring out and echo its colours, such as old rose, and grey, it will not make the room less bright but, on the contrary, it will liven it up even more and will suit well smaller rooms thanks to the light shades.

Arch.Simona D’Andrea