The new kitchen worktops are ever more extraordinary. Technological evolution, convenience and – why not – aesthetics: these are the parameters to be taken into consideration when designing the “perfect home space” where the kitchen worktop naturally takes centre stage.

Indeed because of its ability to meet 100% of the above features, the quartz kitchen worktop is increasingly the favourite choice among designers, decorators…and more! By now known and (much) appreciated by the general public as well, the quartz worktop stands out as one of the dominant and most successful trends in kitchen furnishings. A trending topic on all search engines for anyone looking for the perfect combination of practicality and beauty.

And when it comes to making the kitchen of your dreams, one of the most important choices is the worktop. A quartz worktop is in fact the most practical and functional solution available on the market. In addition to the practicality that really makes it unique, the quartz worktop combines another quality that must not be underestimated: its maximum aesthetic appeal, which makes any kitchen bright, with great visual impact.

A practical tip for anyone looking for the ideal kitchen worktop: always focus on the practicality of the materials. And quartz worktops fear no rivals in this regard! The kitchen is a living space, the heart of the home, a place designated for making food and therefore connected to spending time together and hospitality. What better choice than a quartz worktop, which requires minimum maintenance and offers the best in terms of practicality and elegance?

Let’s make an example: imagine you are having guests at dinner. Work, as everyone knows, takes up most of the day and the time available to prepare gourmet dishes (but also frugal meals …) is always tight. So, you have people for dinner and the pantry also offers interesting ideas. With these conditions, going into the kitchen and having everything under control on the worktop is essential! A quartz worktop allows you to spend all the time doing what you really want to do without wasting time on endlessly rubbing, cleaning, polishing. In other words, a quartz worktop is an actual aid in the kitchen!

A quartz worktop made with Sm Quartz – Vittoria White lends itself naturally to designing modern settings, with an essential style without sacrificing convenience and practicality. But quartz agglomerate is not only ideal for the kitchen worktop, it is perfect – and Santamargherita’s offer proves it – even when it is used in small (but essential) furnishing elements or accessories. Drawers and plate shelves, for example. Made seamlessly with the same material as the worktop, these small details pleasantly tie the whole room together, without forgetting the practical side of things!

A quartz kitchen worktop is a very appealing choice: the high percentage of natural materials provides resistance to abrasion, chemicals, heat and liquids, while the component in acrylic resins and pigments gives it that particular beauty that makes it unique and never trivial in the range of materials used for kitchen worktops.

The Editor