Our daily rush often leaves little room for opportunities for pleasure and relaxation.

One thing is for sure though, a good day never starts without coffee. Whether black, sweetened or macchiato, Arabica or Robusta blend, the morning coffee ritual always takes place at your favourite joint.  

Be it small and cosy or spacious and bright, the details make the difference and the style is what makes you fall in love.

It has been proven that even people who are less attentive to detail will yield to the charm of a vintage café.

Plus we believe that a coffee will save the world, or, if nothing else, the day!

And for those in a rush … a long quartz counter!

There are basically two categories of people: on the one hand there are those who are always strapped for time and have their coffee at the counter before they are off again, on the other there are those who like to sit in a comfortable armchair, kick back and enjoy their break. In any case, any respectable vintage café has one undeniable feature: a long, sparkling quartz counter.

Credit: https://www.we-heart.com/2014/05/16/whyte-brown-soho-london/

Because, let’s face it, the counter is the very first element that a customer notices.
A quartz counter holds sway in the room, lending character and unmistakeable elegance to the premises.
A vintage café is strictly decorated with warm shades of brown or dark grey, giving the premises that lived-in appearance of a time that has never gone out of style.

Contrasts, optical effects and that touch of green that never hurts.

Furniture that is refined and never predictable, this is the starting point to embellish an establishment that seeks to stand out and be remembered. And this starts right from the bases, namely the flooring.
A marble floor, when laid by expert hands, can create amazing colour contrasts, capable of highlighting the rest of the furnishing as well. It is easy to be fashionable when using eternal and top quality surfaces.
The Sea Containers House (shown below) is a project in London that boasts the use of Santamargherita products and that conveys a retro style which, however, is by no means outdated.

Irregular designs or geometric patterns can be recreated on the walk-on surface using tiles with different finishes and applied in an imaginative way. The optical effect is guaranteed. Is this not also a way to build customer loyalty?
Lastly, a must-have in a vintage café is that touch of green that oxygenates (in all senses) the premises.
Green is a colour that calms and creates a truly surreal atmosphere. Plants in wicker containers and hanging from the ceiling, or succulents placed in every corner of the premises are a very pleasant cliché which it would be unfair not to indulge in. We already know what you are thinking, but believe us, you can never be too radical chic.

The Editor