The Santamargherita marble and quartz floor and wall coverings

A mainstay in the living spaces and large infrastructure projects sector, Santamargherita has been dreaming big for more than 50 years. The Veronese company drives its internal development in research and experimentation with floor and wall covering materials by combining it with the evolution of architecture and design. How does one approach the world of claddings?

When a customer asks me to design an internal space, be it a home, business or retail, they often start off with an idea on the style of furnishings to be used. Something drives them, to concentrate on the final form of a space, on what will be used to fill the space itself. The imagination of interior designers. However, works very differently, in the opposite direction. Before even thinking about how the space will be filled, interior designers concentrate on what will (or how to) create the space. The eternal dichotomy between container and content, between the book and its cover, between creativity and a conscious understanding of environments.

Often, people make the mistake of thinking that floors and walls contribute only marginally to the final look of an environment.
Floor and wall coverings, however, give form to the transition between empty and full by defining lines, symmetries and shapes that with the complicity of light give unique depth and perspective. You can think of floor and wall coverings as the voice of an environment, without which the furnishings would be silent, mute and sterile. The materials, the texture, the colours and finishes play a crucial role when it comes to floor and wall coverings.

When careful thought has gone into the design of the floors and walls of a project, the entire space is taken up a few notches. Floor and wall coverings are the soul of a space made flesh. They are greater than the sum of their parts. They bring style to the next level and suggest an immediate sense of refinement.

Santamargherita operates in an ecosystem that lies at the crossroads of two very different dimensions of every project: architecture and design. Launching a new collection of floor and wall coverings means being the first to interpret the emerging trends in these two worlds, combining planning, vision, performance and fittings. That’s why research and experimentation are the sine qua non elements of our corporate processes.

The various options of floor and wall coverings currently available include certain prestige materials that effortlessly combine mastery of the production process and excellent aesthetic yield: marble and quartz agglomerates. They are composed of fragmented stones that are compacted with binder.

Quartz agglomerates are made of quartz sands combined with carefully chosen resins; marble agglomerates, on the other hand, are made up of tumbled precious marbles, again combined with resins.

These types of materials are extremely versatile. The wide range of formats, colours and finishes makes for a near infinite variety of styles.


It’s possible to create an extremely modern environment, with the intense colours of mirrored finishes, or a more sombre style with muted colours and satin finishes. Lovers of the super chic will find variations in light colours with shiny finishes. And so on and so forth, for hundreds of combinations. Santamargherita marble and quartz do more than just enrich the environment; they also fix in place the dimensions of the furnishings with which they are combined. All that glitters, after all may be gold, and enhance the beauty of all it touches.

Camilla Bellini