The purity of a first snow, tracing endless patterns in the winter landscape. The weightlessness of a white feather swirling in the air. The captivating shapes of sand dunes sculpted by the wind. Santamargherita’s new SM Atmosfera collection takes its inspiration directly from nature. Cutting-edge technology captures the essence of intangible spaces like the sky and transforms them into an agglomerate that adds depth and lightness to home environments.

All Santamargherita surfaces combine durability with functionality, suitable for daily use and easy to clean. This latest collection, SM Atmosfera, is available in 2 or 3cm slabs and in colors with such evocative names as First Snow, Heaven White, and Sand Dunes. Designed for a variety of applications, from kitchen countertops to floor and wall tiles, it’s hard to find a place SM Atmosfera could not elevate with its beautiful range of capabilities.

Bathrooms become sophisticated and bright in Sandy Wisp, inspired by grains of sand, or in the rarefied Heaven White. In the kitchen, on the other hand, grand amounts of space are created through the shades of Frozen Tundra, reminiscent of the vegetation of the Arctic polar regions, for a countertop full of character.

Inspired by nature and elevated by technology, the Santamargherita Atmosfera collection opens the door to unlimited possibilities for experimentation.