It has been demonstrated: you can create dream surfaces with quartz, following unconventional installation patterns. First of all, what are installation patterns? Installation patterns are nothing more than a representation, mostly geometric, of a design proposed individually or in sequence. All the existing materials can be used, either single materials or mixed together, installed either on the floor or on the wall. The installation pattern is an aspect that must not be underestimated, as it is a characterising element of private environments but above all of public ones, where it helps to create settings capable of attracting people’s curiosity. Using Santamargherita quartz materials, you can free your imagination, creating real works of art. You can choose from a wide range of colours, textures and exclusive finishes, also counting on renowned technical features such as resistance to scratches, stains and heat. How many installation patterns are there? This question can be answered with one word: COUNTLESS. This technique allows you to create customised surfaces that adapt to any need or surrounding environment. To visually explain what we are talking about, we created three different installation patterns using Santamargherita materials. By choosing the SM Quartz – Bronze and Sabbia Beige materials, we designed the Linear geometric pattern, which consists in repeating the geometric diamond shape enclosed within two frames.

Instead, by using the SM Quartz – Zenith, Contract Grey, Contract Dark Grey and Contract Black, materials, we have created the Free geometric pattern, which is also a geometrical pattern, but where the single design never repeats itself in the same way.

Finally we have created the Perspective geometric pattern in which, Sm Quartz – Sabbia Beige and Contract Black, form a perspective game of sizes.

Which installation pattern should you choose? To choose the one that best suits your space, you need to take into account some essential elements, including the width of the surface, the light and the optical effect you want to achieve. Obviously the design of the installation patterns is not immediate, but by relying on interior designers you will definitely be able to make your wishes come true!

INTERIOR DESIGN + by Valentina Malevolti & Martina Mustur