The eastern philosophy of Feng Shui is increasingly popular and has gained a large following. The perfect Feng Shui home is a space pursuing wellness and relaxation, a serene environment where the energies are in perfect balance. Developed in China about four thousand years ago, the philosophy of Feng Shui aims to create a tidy house, a space where harmony reigns. The colours, materials and layout of the spaces follow particular guidelines and make it possible to create a space full of positive energies. To decorate the house according to Feng Shui, however, you must be willing to get involved, leave your comfort zone and start over from scratch again. Some rooms in fact will have to be fully redesigned since the arrangement of the furnishings is one of the most crucial elements of this discipline. Do not be afraid, the end result will improve both your home and your life.

Tidy home, tidy mind

One of the crucial principles of Feng Shui is order. To create a harmonious and serene environment it is in fact necessary to tidy up the rooms and rethink them according to the principles of this Chinese philosophy. In recent years, the internet has been particularly focused on order. Just think of the trend of minimalism, the great success of the Marie Kondo method or the multiple Youtube videos dedicated to decluttering. The phrase “Less is more” has become a true lifestyle for many and then, let’s face it, a tidy home helps people think and live better. Tidying up, however, is not enough, you must also choose the right materials and tools: give free rein to parquets and wooden furniture, natural stones, plants and natural lighting to rediscover serenity.

Bedroom and living room: a matter of energy

According to Feng Shui, energy plays a key role, which is why rooms must be furnished with care. Take, for example, the bedroom, one of the most important rooms in the house. Only the bed and a few other decorating accessories must be in this room, as the function of this space is linked to sleep. If we add a desk or bookcase we risk impairing the energy of the room, resulting in sleeping problems. The bed must be placed away from doors and from windows in order to assure greater privacy. It is also important to avoid adding mirrors to the room: according to Feng Shui mirrors attract negative energies.

The dining room, on the other hand, cannot do without a round or oval table: corners divide and prevent communication with others. Rooms dedicated to togetherness must be welcoming and must always have a green touch.

The perfect Feng Shui bathroom

The bathroom is the space dominated by the element of water, a symbol of life and positivity. In order not to waste this energy it is necessary to focus on the right materials; in fact, stone and wood coexist in the perfect Feng Shui bathroom. Choose a marble sink with a wooden top and a bathtub with soft and inviting shapes. For the final touch, simply add two elements: scented candles and plants.

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