Santamargherita is the main sponsor of the Valpolicella Rugby club

Santamargherita has been working alongside the Valpolicella Rugby club, one of the most important rugby teams in the word, for over ten years. To us this partnership means far more than the honour of supporting local excellence. The values of rugby are indeed our own values too.

Fair play is everything in rugby. Few sports like rugby teach you the value of loyalty, friendship and solidarity. Indeed, to achieve a goal you need to work together, putting yourself at the service of the team and leaving your ego behind.

Team spirit is a key value at Santamargherita as well. All the links of our supply chain, from the manufacturer to the retailer, enable us to achieve increasingly ambitious goals. The motto of the Valpolicella Rugby club is “Together, beyond the try line” and the secret to success lies precisely in the word “together”.

Rugby demands dedication and sacrifice. It’s a sport that involves the whole body, whilst also being a work out for the mind. It makes you think faster and take decisions under stressful circumstances, strengthen your character and forces you to confront your limits. In other words, it moulds you just like it shapes marble.

Every match is a challenge against yourself, a rush of adrenaline you can’t say no to.

Because the relentless motive that drives you to play is passion.

The same we put into our work.

Santamargherita: we’re passionate about raw materials.