Decking the house with modern collectibles means creating settings where the appeal of the past reigns supreme. What does the term ‘modern collectibles’ mean exactly? If refers to 20th century furniture and interiors, especially from the Fifties and Sixties. They can be used to create rooms with a feel of bygone times, whilst still featuring a contemporary touch. Unique pieces to protect, furniture to take care of and adding a new, unexpected look to our house. Where can you find the right piece? At specialist fairs and vintage markets you might find true rarities, you just need to know how to look for them.

The designer item that gives the room a makeover

Focus on one or two ‘showpieces’ to furnish your areas as best as you can. A retro armchair, an old clock or a record-player can be a good start. Those looking for an impressive item can turn to a typewriter or a fancy lamp. The main thing is to create an environment where elements blend together and where modern pieces and items from the past create a winning mix.

The secret? It’s in the right materials

To add modern collectibles to your house, you need to aim for the right materials. Take wood, for example. In old workshops or in specialist fairs you can find unique wooden pieces, retro items with a unique appeal to them.

Marble remains timeless through the years, without losing its regal elegance. Be inspired by the Fifties-style marble tables or choose one for your kitchen. For the daring, instead, free rein to a floor flirting with the trend of Venetian terraces. Versatile and elegant, it can even transform your bathroom if used on the floor or wall, as in this case.

A sustainable choice

In this day and age, in which sustainability is increasingly taking on a key role, we need to also think of the environmental impact of design. Many people are abandoning the single-use trend and are trying to turn to recycling. This is why modern collectibles can be a sustainable choice to embrace straight away.