(* a reference to the popular Italian song ‘Volare’)

Here are some comments following the stimulating event in the world of stone which we took part in, like every year. We are referring to Marmomac 2019, where Santamargherita displayed some of the new solutions in the world of decoration. A new colour stole the scene, standing out with its fresh and bold look.

An original stand that showcases, at a glance, one of the possible applications of SM Marble: the clothing store. Don’t expect the usual model, be ready to think out of the box!

Custom colours for high-impact retail solutions.

Blue was the stand’s feature colour, recently developed by Santamargherita for the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium project, the new symbol of English football inaugurated last March.
The product is a source of pride and great motivation for the company, which is truly satisfied and proud of the result achieved. Santamargherita has indeed given, as always, its very best, bringing a truly unique texture to life. A Venetian terrazzo-like material, with shades reminiscent of sapphire and inserts of golden hues.

27.09.2019 Verona. Veronafiera. Marmomac 2019

This is precisely the detail that radiates through space and softens the intensity of this “deep” blue. The lighting plays an important role in this display: the white lights highlight the magnificent creation, helping to bring out all the details. No need to keep your eyes peeled!

Functional but above all stylish furnishing components.

Not only floors and counters but also actual furnishing accessories: this clothing rack with side shelving created through stacked marble cubes stood out from the various solutions on offer.
The gilded chrome-plating, which adheres to this wonderful display case, is eye-catching and complements the displayed clothing with class. A piece of furniture that combines practicality and design, a clear example of how creative ideas and materials of excellent quality can turn something ordinary into extraordinary.

The floor is an element that cannot be overlooked in the whole: the walk-on surface is required to highlight the whole context. A sparkling white, in this case, is therefore a must.
This latest version of Venetian terrazzo unmistakably expresses Santamargherita’s different touch. Combining blue with warm hues such as yellow or with sharply contrasting hues such as white creates an amazing optical effect. Each item of clothing, placed on this surface, will stand out, generating a burst of colours.
Customers’ dwell time is guaranteed to increase!

The Editor