Interior decoration, such a joy! It is true, but it is not always easy to interpret desires and images and then turn them into actual rooms.

To add a clear twist and a touch of unmistakeable style, one needs to make bold decisions. Statements of style that are expressed through a material, and take center stage embellishing every room.

Quartz agglomerate is the one material that more than any other represents the perfect balance between design and practicality: all the beauty of stone, with the added value (no trifle) of strength. It is a one of a kind material, which precisely because of its features, is chosen increasingly more frequently for floors, walls and furnishings. For example, a staircase made of quartz agglomerate is not only imposing from an aesthetic point of view, but also extremely simple to clean. A special quality of quartz agglomerate is the fact that it is a highly hygienic material. It is not porous, so stains are not absorbed and the surface remains bright and perfect over time with little maintenance.

Whether quartz agglomerate floors or staircases as we mentioned, a perfect example of this would be the staircase built with SM Quartz – Metropolis in a private villa: a feather in the cap for Santamargherita, whose quartz agglomerate made it possible to create this masterpiece of style and design. The small defects typical of this material are to be considered an added feature that makes the finished staircase even more special and unique, beautifully special and very natural at the same time.

Everyone knows that stone has always been one of the most beloved materials among designers, decorators and architects. Surely it is also one of the most popular choices for walls and floors. A marble floor… who doesn’t dream of one? But there is another material that has been claiming more and more attention. Quartz agglomerate is now the standard-setting material for people both in and outside of the industry! Beautiful, practical, in one word: perfect. Its versatility is a fact. It prevents the formation of damp (not sure what you are trying to say here) and its features remain unchanged over time. Did we mention its aesthetics? Its appearance, both unique and elegant, gives it an unrivalled allure, one-of-a-kind.

Quartz agglomerate brings out its best when it is used for items that will customise and strongly define the spaces and rooms of the house: a quartz agglomerate staircase built with SM Quartz – Metropolis always makes an impression, and that’s an understatement!
A quartz agglomerate staircase immediately becomes the centerpiece of the entire home, making it spectacular and cosy at the same time; a great little detail that makes all the difference, even upon first glance.

The Editor