Past, present and future. Traditional and cutting edge. These are the cornerstones of Santamargherita’s new collection Palazzo. The iconicity and elegance of Italian historical buildings inspired the pieces of the new collection, that they were named after. SM Marble – Pisani is inspired by the baroque style of Palazzo Pisani di Santo Stefano in Venice. The hallways and galleries of what now houses the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello feature the special flooring that inspires Pisani: the colours of the earth that emerge from a dark toned base, distinguished by rooms with a strong and elegant character. A traditional floor that alludes to the Italian terrace, but that adapts and defines a modern space. Eccentric, noble and princely at the same time, just like the building it is inspired by.

In the San Marco ‘sestiere’ (quarter) in Venice, Palazzo Pisani di Santo Stefano is one of the city’s largest and most fascinating buildings. Being a symbol of the greatness and magnificence of the noble Pisani family, it gradually extended through the other dwellings all the way to the Grand Canal. It would seem that the project was designed by Alvise Pisani, the principal, aided by architect Bortolo da Venezia. The building was extended over the following century. Girolamo Frigimelica, the Pisani family’s architect, the same who built the impressive Villa Pisani in Stra, was appointed to head the restructuring project. Famous people, sovereigns and princes stay here: there is buzz of the magnificence of the furnishings and decorations, of the gallery of paintings by the most illustrious painters. Between 1897 and 1921 the Municipality of Venice became the sole proprietor of the buildings, until 1940 when it became the exclusive site for the Music Conservatory.