There are many approaches to air travel: regardless of the distance travelled, it is always nice to be certain that we will spend a pleasant time at the airport.

Yes, because the airport is where the real journey begins: amidst arrivals, departures, delays and waits, we do not always pause to look at what is going on around us, and we sometimes fail to see the beauty of these places, which seem to be suspended in a parallel dimension.

In the field of architecture, beauty goes hand in hand with the quality of the materials, but is it actually possible to have a marble floor at the airport? Yes, and it’s perfect! There is no need to give up aesthetics and luxury when it comes to tiling for large facilities, especially airports. Designed and built to welcome hundreds of travellers every day, airports are, by nature, places to meet, exchange and spend time “waiting for”. So why not make them even more attractive, perhaps with a beautiful marble floor?

In his amusing diary entitled “A week at the airport”, Swiss writer Alain De Botton writes: “airports are full of life and feelings”. No truer words were ever spoken. Anyone who defines airports as “non-places” does not recognise their true nature, which is much more intimate and sentimental than one might think. The architecture adapts to them: maximum functionality and light volumes that leave room for assertive suggestions.

As in the case of Singapore Changi Airport, which welcomes visitors in all its powerful beauty that immediately stands out with its majestic architecture and high-quality floor and wall tiling. Above all, the magnificent marble floor made from Santamargherita materials: Black Royal, Napoleon Brown, Perlato Royal and custom made colours, selected and subsequently installed to form an exclusive and unique pattern.

Singapore Changi Airport is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also the best airport in the world according to the ratings of travellers who are lucky enough to be able to compare world-class international facilities. The marble floor covering all 300 metres of the central gallery of Terminal 4 creates a sophisticated inlay motif inspired by the petals of an orchid. Design in the foreground: architects, designers and labourers have poured all their know-how into a magnificent work in terms of scale and value.

The marble floor made with Santamargherita agglomerates is the stylish touch that distinguishes Terminal 4. Started in 2013 and opened in 2017, it is perfectly suited to an environment that fully embraces the ultimate concept of luxury, originality and beauty.

Imagine having to spend a few hours at the airport: you may get bored, or feel like you’re wasting your time… But not if you’re here, in Terminal 4 of Singapore Changi Airport, where you can find all the comforts you could wish for and everything is planned down to the very last detail to make your stay and stopover here not just pleasant, but also memorable! In addition to the exquisite beauty of the marble floor, there is also a terrace with a swimming pool, a cinema offering free non-stop screenings and the incredible Butterfly Garden designed by the architect Moshe Safdie that houses hundreds of butterflies.

With its marble floors and endless attractions, Singapore Changi Airport transcends the concept of designer airport: it is a world in itself, a luminous star in the galaxy of contemporary architecture, a work to be seen at least once in a lifetime.

The Editor