Elegant and solemn, with its textured façade, Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara is what inspired Santamargherita’s SM Marble of the name “Diamanti”. The neutral tones of this material make it suitable for any setting. The dual tones that play with contrasts, give the spaces strength and character.

Playing with perspectives, light and shadow Palazzo dei diamanti in Ferrara is one of the symbolic buildings of the Italian Renaissance. Approximately 8,500 blocks of veined white marble compose the façade of the building, creating special effects of perspective, thanks to the differing shapes of the ‘diamonds’. Each is positioned differently, based on its allocation, so as to capture the light better. The building was designed by Biagio Rossetti, for Sigismondo d’Este, brother of Duke Ercole I d’Este, beginning in 1493. It represents the ideal centre of “Erculean Addition”, a very high level of urban planning that Rossetti created for the Duke. Since 1842, when the building was taken over by the Municipality of Ferrara, it has been home to the pinacotheca and Civil University. It is now also an exhibition space that hosts international shows.