In the beginning tiles were the favourite finish for house walls. Ubiquitous in our bathrooms and kitchens, they mainly fulfilled a practical need: to make the room more hygienic and functional, easier to clean. Aesthetics were a secondary aspect, second to the need to ensure hygiene and at the same time the resistance of walls exposed to intense use and to equally intense cleaning.     The discovery of materials that are able to combine high resistance with a high aesthetic result gave new meaning to the wall tiles of the house, transforming what was predominantly a practical choice into a stylistic one. Thus the tiles, while remaining a characteristic element of the kitchen and bathroom, have found their way into every room. From functional element they have become an ornamental one, capable of furnishing and characterising spaces, giving shape and substance to creativity.

Interior surfaces: a matter of style

The choice of interior wall surfaces, therefore, has become an expression of one’s style. Tiles are a decorative element, if not an actual furnishing accessory. The high versatility of the latest materials, and the extraordinary variety of textures and colours, deliver an element with limitless potential into the hands of interior designers. Just think, for example, of the option of creating specific ambiances, characterising rooms or corners of the house with a personal touch: wall tiles combine with the decorating elements of the room, enhancing its lines and colours, enriching and even defining its style. Chic, country, total white, total black, classic and refined, the list could go on: the possible variations of wall coatings are endless. The important thing is to choose a suitable material, capable of assuring quality and resistance as well as beauty. 

Santamargherita Surfaces: ideal for making your walls come to life

SM Quartz and SM Marble represent an excellent choice for those who wish to cover their walls with highly aesthetic materials which, at the same time, assure the performance and potential of a technically advanced surface. The only aspect requiring particular attention is the format that you want to use and therefore the overall weight of the installation, which substantially changes the installation procedures. Although it is still possible to use the special glues up to the 60×60 cm format, for higher formats it is necessary to install a special system of hooks and tracks to support the greater weight of the tiles.

SM Marble – Bianco Ghiaccio and Fior di Pesco

Playing with colours and volumes: give creativity a free hand      

The wide range of textures, grains and colours of SM Marble and Quartz ensures a wide variety of possible combinations, such as the option to create original chromatic compositions, also by playing with the volumes of the surfaces and transforming them into real structural elements.  This is what happened with one of the Jigsaw Shops in London, where architects Dalziel & Pow chose SM Marble – Arabescato Bianco from Santamargherita for walls, as well as for floors. In this project tiles have been used as real decorating accessories. Particularly interesting is the wall where shelves have been installed inside a circular nook, creating an effect that is modern and at the same time elegant and refined.

       Jigsaw Shop, London. SM Marble – Arabescato Bianco

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