I will tell you right away, there is a huge difference between looking at a web photo, getting a sample, and observing a material hands on. Having direct access to it, touching it, and getting to imagine it in a project really makes all the difference for architects like me. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to visit the new Santamargherita Showroom, this difference was, without a doubt, confirmed. The long row of slabs on display really impressed me. Full slabs, in their original size, that drew me into the Santamargherita world and showed me the potential of the materials and the many special features that otherwise I would not have noticed.

The marble and quartz agglomerates, the various finishes, the many applications, visiting the Santamargherita Showroom filled me with so much inspiration that I wanted to start my next project right there! I admit to being a longtime lover of Santamargherita materials. Their variety of colors have really boosted my creativity, the granules inspired by classic Venetian terraces with a modern twist. Functional and resistant, their technical dedication remains fundamental to who they are, as with the innovative 7MM surface, Surfalite, for example.

My favorite finish? Fluted, with its characteristic undulated appearance that offers many possibilities for furniture, all sharing the desire to impress. It is a finish that I would use commercially to build the counter of a cafe or club, or residentially to create an impressive wall in the living room of an apartment. The new Atmosfera collection also greatly inspires me, I would use it as a kitchen backsplash. My favorite color is Black Nimbus, so deep and evocative.

And then there is Surfalite, which for those in my profession is a real revolution. It has an ultra-thin width of just 7mm, is scratch and acid resistant, and is durable. I would use it for furniture, as a bedside table cover, or for kitchen and bathroom furniture. I was very impressed with the drawer unit with built-in basin that I saw at the Santamargherita Showroom. The box basin is in the highly refined White Feather color, and the unit underneath has a Surfalite slab that acts as a door panel, with no need to use wood. The result is very refined and minimal.

Those who follow the work of my Firm will not be surprised to find out what my favorite Santamargherita surface colors are: Vendome, Verde Alpi and City White, with a glossy finish. These are all colors that we use in our work at the Firm and that define the Urban Tropical style that is our hallmark. In short, the materials are here, innovative, and ready to inspire, now it is up to us design professionals to interpret them and adapt them to the spirit of each space. Let’s get to work!