Floors, but not only that. There are numerous projects in Italy and abroad in which SM Marble is the crown jewel of staircases. Behind this choice, strongly sought after by designers and clients, is the need to use an utterly trustworthy material for projects. High trampling resistance, customised slab sizes, impressive visual effect and a wide choice of colours.

For these reasons, SM Marble finds its place in residential and, in particular, business projects, from offices to shopping centres.

Staircases are often regarded as merely functional elements. However, their design potential is almost endless and choosing the right cladding can thoroughly change the atmosphere of your surroundings. Whether in the home or in the work space, Santamargherita materials can make a true difference.

SM Marble – Palladio Griso, magnificent elegance

Photo credit: David Franck
Photo Credit: Daniel Dömölky

Same material, different environments. In the first shot, we are in a private German residence, Casa Morgana: a valuable project created by J. MAYER H. und Partner, where Palladio Griso is used in various rooms in the house, including the staircase. Minimalist and essential.

In the second photo, we are in the premises of Société, a multifunctional building in the heart of Budapest, featuring a classical style rich in art deco details. Here, Palladio Griso is harmonically combined with wood, creating an elegant ambience with intriguing geometries.

Grit passion

Floors and staircases embellished with grits can give a sophisticated look to the home or to office common areas, shopping centres and more.

The ideal choice for the contemporary home? SM Marble – New York. The grey tones of this cladding, featuring extremely fine grits, are perfect to renovate staircases with a modern, elegant design, without foregoing a precious material.

For those looking for a style winking at the past and Italian tradition, Palazzo collection, with its wide range of colours in the Venetian terrazzo style, is a unique, highly recommended option. In this case, SM Marble – Foscari was chosen for the staircase of a business project. Its delicate pink hues are ideal to soften spaces and create a harmonious effect.

Harmonies and contrasts

As already mentioned, the workspace also deserves a high standard of design, with quality materials. London-based architecture firm Buckley Gray Yeoman, that chose Santamargherita materials for their offices at 101 New Cavendish Street, is well aware of this. Palladio Doge staircases and floors add a touch of refined beauty to the hall.

Energy, style and verve are unleashed on the surface of the magnificent staircase of the Garnisonen complex in Stockholm. SM Marble – Palladio Laguna and the bright red of the staircase structure create a space with an industrial flavour and great visual impact.