AD recently dedicated an in-depth study to Parentesi, a concept bar downtown Frattamaggiore, in the province of Naples. Why is it called “Parentesi”? Looking at the lounge layout, the unusual shape that inspired architect Carmine Abate to choose the bar’s name immediately catches the eye. A parenthesis or perhaps a crescent and a trapezoid – a complex space to manage and arrange but which draws strength from its very shape. Parentesi is a hybrid space that plays with combinations. Inside, there are captivating colours, shapes, and suggestions arising from the encounter of different styles. From the colonial feel of the wallpaper and the Vienna straw woodwork panelling to the glossy finish surfaces of exquisitely Italian taste and quality.

And the surfaces are precisely the starting point to begin this journey to discover Parentesi and the impactful presence of Santa Margherita materials.

Surfaces: playing with contrasts with Santa Margherita

A bar playing with contrasts could not fail to choose the bold duotone of SM Marble – Palladio Moro. In this case, it was used in the glossy finish for the bar counter. An element that embellishes the glossy green lacquered counter and creates an intriguing contrast. The counter is not the only piece of furnishing featuring a Santa Margherita material inside Parentesi: Tonale, Grigio Carnico, and Black Royal were used for the inserts in the tabletops, in different geometries.

Chic and oriental, between woodwork and wallpaper

Mysterious, elegant, and multifaceted, the woodwork panelling behind the counter is multifunctional. The black oak frame, with its Vienna straw inserts, covers the bar countertop, turning into a bottle rack both on the back of the bar and in the upper part of the counter. Moreover, one of the woodwork panels is the door to the bathrooms and kitchen. Another highly suggestive element is the use of wallpaper featuring oriental patterns.

Lighting that catches the eyes

The lighting chosen by Carmine Abate grabs attention and helps enhance the environment. The two-metre wide chandelier in the dining room creates high-impact effects both on the ceiling and the walls. The combination of suspension and spotlights, along with the LED-backlit bottle racks, brings an evocative, elegant setting into being. Dimmable lights give rise to different scenarios depending on need and time of day to create an ever-changing space.

Photo credit: Carlo Oriente